Take Out Loans to Achieve a Completely Different Goal

People usually borrow to finance purchases such as a car, a new kitchen, a vacation, or a home remodel. Even normal consumer goods such as notebook, television, washing machine, etc. are among the frequently mentioned uses in the application for a Consumer credit . The reasons why someone wants to take out a loan are therefore quite diverse. However, there are also people who take out loans to achieve a completely different goal. Goals that differ significantly from the classic uses already mentioned. Among them are real curiosities that will surely make you smile, but are also enough for a “shake your head out of incomprehension”.

Creativity in the purpose seems limitless

The potential creativity of potential customers for a credit showed a corresponding evaluation of all credit inquiries from one year of a large German comparison portal. As a result, the eight strangest and strangest details of customers in the intended use for a loan >>

8th place: finally go shopping without restrictions


“Shopping” does not sound really exceptional as a purpose. It is surprising, however, that the loan was apparently applied for, because the borrower was only in a buying mood. The aim of the borrowing was not so to finance a particular product, but simply want to go shopping “unrestrained”.

Rank 7: Credit yes, purpose no idea

Rank 7: Credit yes, purpose no idea

That also happens: the customer is completely convinced that he absolutely needs a loan. Only he himself has no idea what he wants to use this credit later. Where does the conviction come from that you absolutely need a loan?

# 6: taking credit is just “cool”

# 6: taking credit is just "cool"

How about it: Loans take up just because they are cheap. It’s cool. The borrower currently has no real need for credit, but it’s just about “being there”. Any questions?

5th place: cuddly toy on credit

5th place: cuddly toy on credit

Interesting also that purpose: financing a cuddly toy. Certainly one of the rarer uses. It would have been interesting to get to see the financed cuddly toy once.

4th place: tattoo on credit


Anyone familiar with the tattoo scene knows that sometimes very large sums can come together for this form of “body art”. So also with this prospective customer at a credit, which wanted to beautify itself for a five-digit sum its body.

3rd place: increase cash reserves

3rd place: increase cash reserves

In third place a purpose for real “austerity foxes”: Thanks to cheap credit NOW to increase the cash reserves in order not to depend on the reception of a loan in times of high interest rates. Also a logic – right? However, one should always avoid taking out a loan, if not absolutely necessary.

2nd place: Clean up your own SCHUFA


Interesting way to improve your own SCHUFA score : The customer with the second highest usage wanted to improve his credit rating by borrowing. The plan: Do not spend the money, but repay it on time. Nobody has told him that the loan itself is a “burdensome” SCHUFA feature.

1st place: Real selflessness: helping the needy on credit


The first place of the most curious uses goes to the noble purpose of donating money to the needy. If this intention is really meant seriously, it is probably the most selfless loan application of all time and deserves high respect!

Success rate of these loan applications?

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It is hard to believe, but it is a fact that ALL of these loan applications were actually approved by the banks. Whether they actually fulfilled the stated purpose in the end, however, can not be verified. Since the loans requested were non-conditional consumer loans, the details of a specific project were purely voluntary.